The Plans

According to current plans, Route 45 will be a 45 MPH highway running near and through residential areas.


Below you can see the plans that LCDOT had to choose from.

The Eastern Bypass Option (Click image to enlarge)

As you can see the Eastern Bypass Option runs through mostly open fields and farmland. This of course is an altered plan in itself. You can see how that happened here.

The Western Bypass - LCDOT Choice (Click image to enlarge)

You don't have to look too close to see that the choosen route takes a 4 lane highway through (south to north) McDonald Woods Forest Preserve, splits Forest Trails sub-division in two, runs dangerously close to the Heritage Trails sub-division, creates a dangerous intersection onto Independence Blvd (which school buses must turn on), and places Route 45 CLOSER to Milburn West elementary school. You decide, which is the commonsense choice. Running a road through open fields (Eastern Bypass) or the one the LCDOT choose.

Let our elected officials know that the Eastern Bypass is the best choice. The Eastern Bypass takes into consideration what the residents of Lake County asked for.