Our Childrens Health

With the planned western bypass it will bring more traffic closer to residential areas, which will bring with it addtional air polution. We as parents have the duty to make sure that we keep our children safe and healthy in anyway we can. When reading studies like this from the Section on Environmental Health, The American Academy of Pediatrics, Pediatric Environmental Health, 3E, October 2011:

"In most urban areas, traffic-related emissions are a major source of air pollution. Concentrations of traffic-related pollutants are highest near and downwind of busy roads. Traffic emissions contain numerous respiratory irritants and carcinogens, and laboratory and clinical studies have shown that constituents of traffic pollution can induce airway and systemic inflammation and increased airway responsiveness. Over the last decade, numerous epidemiologic studies in the United States and Europe have found links between living near areas of high traffic density and increased respiratory symptoms (eg, wheezing, bronchitis), asthma symptoms, and asthma hospitalizations. Additionally, longitudinal studies of children’s respiratory health have found that children living near high traffic roads had higher deficits in lung function and may have an increased risk of developing asthma compared with those living farther away from traffic...Several epidemiologic studies suggest that diesel exhaust may be particularly harmful to children. Diesel exhaust particles may enhance allergic and inflammatory responses to antigen challenge and may facilitate development of new allergies."

You can see why the Eastern Bypass makes even more sense and is a no-brainer decision. As if the above example isn't enough of a reason for the Lake County Division of Transportation (LCDOT) and the Illinois Department of Transportation (IDOT) then those officials need to look at From Roadways to Wheeze: Child Asthma Associated with Traffic Exposures at Home and at School by Julia R. Barrett or Road Traffic and Childhood Leukemia: The ESCALE Study (SFCE) You see why the residents do not want a western bypass, we will do what it takes to keep their children healthy. You see why an Eastern Bypass IS the right choice.